Small parish announcement ;)

In the near future I will experiment a little with the themes of the site, so you can expect that its appearance and some elements will change.
I was happy with the previous one, unfortunately it was a premium option, and after a almost a year of using wordpress premium, it turned out that I didn’t use anything that would be worth the price I had to pay for it.


  1. Love that you are actively working on the site! Have to say though, I like yesterday’s theme better. Since I browse by PC, having the thumbnail view is a lot easier on me than the current theme. With current one, there’s just too much to scroll through.

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  2. I like this one. DDL link to the series page. And not like the previous one with many thumbnail, this one look better.


  3. Long not see this site, but i like theme before this, because i can see more, this theme thumbnails kind of too big. old theme i using small view and i can see more release and information.
    btw, im using dekstop browser.


  4. I like the older one better. But among the other wordpress I saw before, it is indeed the same like fansubbers and kind of disappointing that you need premium for multiple posts at a time.


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