1. All of the chapters appear to be doubled. That is to say it seems like the chapter was done twice. It’s not a pov change either.


    • Already check on moon reader and epub editor sigil :
      1. Repeated(Double Times) content on some chapte,maybe from around 20+ chapter.
      2. some TOC not linking to right pathlike chapter 36 as example linking to chapter 32, when i see on sigil looks like looks like don have some id on h2 tag…. so toc not linking to the correct id…..


      • Thx for info, I check this later.
        the source of these chapters was troublesome and I had to edit practically every chapter and maybe some errors occurred


      • Ok,I think I’ve found all duplicated chapters and those with non-working TOC links and I fixed it


      • Thanks….. and sorry, looks like on my comment before, i have using some duplicate words too and other error…. 😀


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